I feel so ready to handle my child’s issues from the parent classes. It feels so good to know I have the knowledge to help my boy at home and at school. It has helped my relationship with my child and our whole family live in harmony. Dr. Diehl simply changed our lives. Now our son is doing well in a general education classroom and actually has friends. If you can get a little of her knowledge, run, don’t walk!


The Pivotal Response Training Course is very detailed and fun!!! Video examples helped me to understand the information given in action. 🙂


Dr. Diehl helped us learn strategies to help our son and help us navigate his development. We immediately saw improvement in his ability to communicate, to speak, and to socialize with success! His frustrations quickly diminished, and he was functioning in the world with far less obstacles. We are forever grateful for her knowledge, her expertise and her compassion. The world would be a better place with more professionals like Dr. Diehl. We are her biggest fans!


The diagnostics course was outstanding! So well presented!


Dr. Diehl helped us understand the diagnosis and provided instruction on evidence-based practices we could use with our son. Through her teaching, we were able to improve our communication with our son, provide him the support and interventions he needed, and allow him to grow and develop the necessary social and pragmatic skills need to be successful in all areas of his life, especially in the school environment.

Eric and Andrea

The video modeling course was awesome. Well presented!


We have learned so much from Dr. Diehl. She changed the life of my son. I will forever be thankful to Dr. Diehl for her dedication and knowledge. Her ability to use knowledge from research to help our family made all the difference.