Knowledge Counts Online appreciates the partnerships with Kevin Howard, author and Dani Bowman, animator that lead to the creation of our animated course introductions! Learn more about them and their organizations below!


Kevin Howard is the author “The Kooky Adventures of My Friend Kookabuk”, a wonderful collection of social narrative books, created as a guide to help you and your special child approach new experiences and challenges in a positive and enriching way. The books introduce you to Emily, a neurotypical child (child without a developmental disability). She becomes Kookabuk’s first friend and narrates all of Kookabuk’s “kooky” adventures. Learn more: 

Dani Bowman is the Founder & Chief Creative Officer of DaniMation Entertainment, a company that produces animation, illustration, and graphic arts for books, movies, web series, greeting cards and more. DaniMation Entertainment, teaches students real life 21st century skills needed for success in an autism positive environment via remote learning and during our one-week summer camps and our more intensive year around programs actually taught by individuals on the autism spectrum!
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