1. Children do best with a routine. Establish routines for things done every day such as bathing, dressing, eating, chores, and sleeping. This might change slightly but try and keep them as consistent as possible.
  2. Autistic children learn best visually. A visual schedule is extremely helpful for most kids. Use symbols on the schedule that your child understands (real pictures, real photographs, line drawings, written words). See our free course about visuals for more information. This will make your life so much easier!
  3. Use the visual schedule to show ending something and moving to the next thing. Use repetitive language to help with the transition. “Look the schedule says we are all finished with breakfast. It is time to put the dishes in the sink. See here it is on the schedule.”
  4. Introduce new things on the visual schedule. Prepare your child. “Look we get to do something fun tomorrow. We are going for a drive to see the ducks after lunch.”
  5. Make sure to expect your child to help around the house. Put whatever chores that they contribute on their daily schedule. 
  6. Put movement breaks in the schedule. Children should not sit over 20 minutes without a break. It’s a good idea to check sensory and anxiety needs at this time. Calming activities may help like pillow sandwiches, wall push-ups, going up and down stairs, lifting heavy things, tunnels, walking the dog, extra showers or baths.  For anxiety, remember deep breathing is good for both of you!
  7. If you have difficulty with the appropriate use of technology. A couple hints that work.

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