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Trying to figure out what's best for your autistic child?

Family + Knowledge = Power!

What We Offer

Knowledge Counts teaches parents what research recommends and what informed professionals use.

  • Online Learning On Your Time

    Online learning center for parents of autistic children. Learn how to use the latest evidence based practices to provide a firm base for problem solving and collaboration with your child.

  • Personal Consultation

    We help you find solutions for the current circumstances at home that are challenging you the most with your own professional on call.

  • Parent Exchange

    We all do better when supported by a tribe! Parents are a wealth of information. Share your successes! Gather knowledge! Chances are another family has had a similar issue and may offer suggestions.

Meet Dr. Sylvia Diehl

She is your primary guide for your learning and her purpose is to enable parents to cope with everyday challenges that occur at home and school.

Featured Courses

Visual Supports (Free)

Autistic children are often visual learners. This course goes step by step through one of the most vital strategies available to support your child!


Learn how to prevent many challenging behaviors! Learn how to observe behavior so it helps you go forward. Learn about Positive Behavior Support!

Self Management

Learn about how to support self-regulation and self-management in your child! It starts early but gives a lifetime full of abilities

Video Modeling

This course in Video Modeling shows you how to use videos to help your child learn and to provide extra motivation.

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